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Jonathan & Erin


Intro to Icarian
Level: Beginner

Saturday 10:30-12:15PM

Are you ready to add movement and height to your acro practice? You’ve seen pops and wanted to try them, but aren’t sure about technique yet. This class will take you through the fundamentals of Icarian pops, alignment, and how to receive your flyer safely. We will work with progressions and spotters to get everyone flying safely through the air.
Bird presses
Chair presses
Pop bird to chair with hands

Icarian: 180 Throne Pops
Level: Beginner

Saturday 4:00-5:45PM

Let’s get your pops spinning in new directions! This class will progress from throne pops to throne 180 pops. Learn how range of motion and height can take your pops to new places. Come with trust and confidence in yourself to learn something new. 
Bird presses
Throne range of motion

Icarian: 360 Back Plank Pops 
Level: Advanced

Sunday 11:00-12:45

This class will focus on more advanced pops that are hands free. Flyers will learn how to rotate 360° and bases will learn catches and bails in order to throw these pops safely. Come learn the progressions that will help you add these exhilarating pops to your practice.
Experience with pops
Throne pops
Front plank pops

Icarian: Castaways
Level: Advanced

Friday 7:00-8:45PM

Do you love reverse hand-to-hand? And do you really love to pop? Then get ready to take flight and flip through the air by combining both of these moves! This pop will be taught with progressions, but prerequisites will be enforced. Come ready to learn, support one other, and play with new skills!
L-Basing extended Reverse Hand-to-Hand 
Bird pop to Reverse Hand-to-Hand
Flyers: able to twist out of hand-to-hand

Professional Icarian 
Level: Advances 

Sunday Sunday 1:00-2:45PM

This class will be focusing on personal skills. Will be using spotting lines to help take your practice to the next level. You have to have partner who you have been working with for a while. I will only allow a few practitioners join this class since there only one spotting line.  


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The Acro Smiths


Flow Like Lava: A Standing & L Based Mixed Flow (Int+)

Saturday 4:00-5:45PM

We love to put together things that transition between L-Based and Standing Acrobatics. Sometimes its easy, but not this time. This flow is molten HOT, can you keep from melting? Prerequisites: Standing 2 High / High Bird. L Base Tuck Sit / Star All


Things Mono


Saturday 12:30-2:15PM

They say one is the loneliest number, but in partner acrobatics "It takes two to make a thing go right." Balancing a person on one arm or one leg, "It's Tricky", but we "Want it that way". We will do shoulder stands, needles, side stars, reverse stars, and more. But, all on one arm or leg. We will show you technique to make it easier, spot it better, and then how to make it harder. Prerequisites: Solid shoulder stand, reverse star. Comfortable with needle.

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photo: @bryanedwardcreative

Joseph & Juliette



Spin Me Right Round


Saturday 12:30-2:15PM

Add some creative flair to your bag of skills with rotation! All kinds of rotation. Up, down, sideways, all around. Flyers will learn the foundations of a controlled, fluid spin and bases will learn to catch and throw a rotating flyer with ease. We’ll explore skills like barrel rolls, high side star full down and adagio inspired movements.

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Lance & Dani


“Look ma! No hands!”


Sat 6:00-7:45PM


Class will teach the progressions for no-handed castaway.

Prerequisites: comfortable with popping reverse star to throne.

Preferred: Work with a partner you’re calibrated with.

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Eduardo & Mckenna


Beginner tumbling class w/ Edward Gaviria, Kevin Gusa, and demo Britany Calley.

Sunday 11:00-12:45PM

The three main skills that will be focused on primarily are back walkover, back handspring, and back tuck. Depending on the students skill level, athletic ability, and range of motion will determine what skill we feel would be most accessible and safe for the individual. 

Class will start with line drills. We’ll be going over the fundamental movements that make the three focused skills. 
-forward and backward rolls
-gymnastics approach to a handstand 
-cartwheels and round offs
-back bends and front limbers 
Along with ankle injury prevention. 

After line drills we’ll put together spotting and none spotting stations for drills and exercises to help each individual with the skills they’re most likely be safe learning. Every drill and station will involve a fraction of a movement that is involved in one of the three skills. Our goal by the end of the class is for each student to have a greater understanding of tumbling. 

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photo: @bryanedwardcreative

Aaron & Jessi


Jessica DeLeo and Aaron Tremper, owners of The Movement Sanctuary, are excited to be hosting the second annual  Trick or Train FL Acrobatic Festival!!! 

One Arm Handies 


Saturday 12:30- 2:15PM

Let's bring it to one! This class will give you the tools to start your journey towards standing one arm Hand2hand 


Standing H2H

Low mono f2h L-base 

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Slacro Duo


Slackro the Flow


Sunday 1:00-2:45PM

 You will be exploring the Slackro concept of dual balance with postures that both base and flyer must share in the balancing responsibilities. Then experiment with some transitions tapping into your core and stability to make them a successful flow/washing machine. Get ready for the challenge and to make all other acro seem like a walk in the park. (Pre-req: mono-shoulder stand/Star/reverse star)

How to clean your Acro


Saturday 12:30-2:15PM

Everyone knows and loves washing machines, except when it involves laundry day. Come explore some transitional poses with us and loop them all together for some fun washing machines. Guaranteed to help tighten up your stability, control and overall acro game.

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Joseph & Sara 


Standing Handies


Saturday 10:30-12:15PM


You’ve been putting in the time basing and flying handies (hand to hand) horizontally, and you’re ready to take it to new heights. A universal favorite, and for many a milestone achievement of standing acrobatics. We will be using progressions learned from many different disciplines and instructors from around the world. This class is open to anyone who has a solid low hand to hand practice or anyone who has been practicing standing and wants to make it sparkly and clean.

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Beginning Hand Holding

Joe & Jeremy


Friday 7:00-8:45pm


BeginnermediateStart you path to holding hands in the best of ways. Upside down!We’re going to rocket your practice to include hand to hand. Prerequisites: these are fly star and 30 second hand stand at the wall


Swinging and three ways

Jeremy, Joe, & Micki

Sat 6:00-7:45pm



Who says threes crowd?

Make the most of the moment with several of your friends. Swing your friends, throw them and catch them all.

Prerequisites: standing foot to hand


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Bippity Boppity Boo!

Saturday 6:00-7:45PM

Jessi and Chris are ready to teach you more than the magic words! Relocates are so much more than just a flashy entrance to reverse h2h! Come learn to get creative with this dynamic move from the ground up, as we use it for big throws, thrilling drops, and graceful spins. We'll start with the fundamentals of the skill and build up to some high flying stunts! Prerequisites: l-base rh2h, basic standing acro experience (high bird, two high, etc.)

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The Acro Mutants


Standing Flow Medley


Saturday 10:30-12:15PM 


In true Acromutant tradition, this standing flow has a mix of elements from all your favorite disciplines. We have some pretty dance lifts, some fun cheer moves, and cool acro to create a sweet standing flow. Being able to comfortably get in and out of high side star will be important to make this flow accessible.




Sunday 1:00-2:45PM

In this class we will explore "get-ups," which means you will move from an L-based position to a standing one, while balancing your flyer. We have structured, safe progressions to help you and your flyer get up and get down as many times as you want. We start in foot-to-hand to learn the motion and your role in the trick, but we will progress to hand-to-hand and needle as the peak skills. These skills are great transitions to have for performance pieces and longer flows.

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Gruesome Rigmarole

Jessi & Josh

Friday 7:00-8:45PM

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Gabi, Sara, & Josh


Flippery when wet


Saturday 4:00-5:45PM


icarian front tucks 
Josh's description: front flip on feets, you want to learn it or not? 
Gabi and Sara's description: we will teach you progressions, tempo, and timing to work towards icarian front tucks plus one and two person spotting techniques to keep you safe in the process
Pre reqs: ability to fly/base tempo icarian throne pops (good height will make this skill far more attainable). Forward roll for flyers.

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Rob & Jamie


Freaky Friday Flow


Saturday 6:00-7:45PM


Come learn a super sexy freaky flow that will floor your fabulous friends. Find freakiness and fun in flight.

Skills required:

Beginnermediate Level

An Affinity for Flying Your Freak Flag

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Luke & Julie


Putting the dance in acrodance

Sunday 11:00-12:45PM


fun aerials along with some footwork patterns to add flow and flair to your routines. We will develop your partner connection to take your routines beyond a series of tricks into a story that elicits an emotional reaction.

Tier one:: First 10 tickets sold- $160 SOLD OUT!!
Tier Two:: Only 20 available- $180  SOLD OUT
Tier Three:: - $200
Tier Four:: $260 is day of price as well
Single day passes for Saturday/Sunday- $100 

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