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Intro to Icarian
Level: Beginner

Are you ready to add movement and height to your acro practice? You’ve seen pops and wanted to try them, but aren’t sure about technique yet. This class will take you through the fundamentals of Icarian pops, alignment, and how to receive your flyer safely. We will work with progressions and spotters to get everyone flying safely through the air.

Bird presses
Chair presses
Pop bird-to-chair with hands

Icarian: Pops that Rotate
Level: Beginner

You’ve already worked on basic Icarian pops, and now you’re ready for new tricks. This class will focus on getting rotation from the base or the flyer--and how to work together to create pops that twist. As always, Icarian requires repetition, spotting, and progressions and this class will be rooted in safety. Come get twisty! 

Bird presses
Plank pops 
Pop bird-to-chair with hands

Icarian: 360 Back Plank Pops with a Twist 
Level: Intermediate

This class will focus on pops with lots of rotation. Flyers will learn how to rotate 360° and bases will learn how to add another 180°--and that combination gets you a whole lot twisting in the air! Come ready to be a hands-on spotter, a trusting partner, and level up your pops game.

Experience with back plank pops
Some experience with throne 180 pops
Hands-free pops

Icarian: Pops into Reverse Star
Level: Intermediate

Most of you can pop out of reverse star, but can you pop into it? This class will teach a variety of ways to pop into reverse star, along with the soft catches and flyer bails that will help you want to train it. Come ready to be a hands-on spotter and level up your reverse star game!

Proficient jump into reverse star
Bird to reverse star pop (with hands)
Experience with pops from reverse star (ie. rev star to throne)

Back Handspring Pops
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

This class is for intermediate and advanced practitioners who work pops consistently. The back handspring pop (from Icarian throne backwards to plank) requires trust, commitment, and excellent spotting. For any role in this class (flying, basing, and spotting) you must bring embodiment of other pops--see the pre-reqs!

Reverse Star pop to throne
Castaway Practice
Flyer: comfortable flipping (experience with front handspring or back handsprings on ground or in the air)

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drills, climbs and spotting techniques to prepare for three high. Multiple two and a half high positions and transitions. Peak skill three high. Two high experience required. Pre-req hands free two high, base box walk with hands  


Head Games


two hands on head, one hand on head, two feet on head, one foot on head, head on head? safe, effective and fun approaches to balancing on head while keeping the neck healthy and strong

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Thai Body Work

End your days being stretched into a pretzel while relaxing. Both can really happen! Give a massage, receive a massage. It’ll be worth your time!

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 Front flipping icarian

We will be covering progressions and skills that all involve rotating forwards in this intermediate class. Expect to see a some castaway variations (no hands and full) as well as front saltos! Does tempoing these skills together sound fun? We think so too!

Pre-reqs include pop from bird to h2h, bird to reverse star, and reverse star to throne. Experience with castaway will allow you to progress through the rest of the skills in the class. A calibrated partner is recommended :)


Advanced icarian flow

Gabi and Lance basically made a list of their favorite skills and transitions and then smushed them all together in a dope flow. Pre reqs: castaway, throne 180s, consistent straight throws from throne, plank and bird. Experience with Icarian skills that involve the flyer rotating forwards as well as twisting.

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Low H2H & RH2H

This class will give you the opportunity to learn L-Basing H2H and RH2H!! 

Pre-reqs- Low F2H and 30 sec assisted Handstand Hold 

Standing H2H & RH2H

If you nailed it on the ground, nows the time to take it standing! Learning different load in technics and how to continue your jouney with standing acrobatics.

Pre-reqs- Low H2H and RH2H

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Dance Flow

Blur the line between acro dance and h2h skills with this class focused on dancing our way up to h2h and back down again. We'll teach some fun, graceful new moves and show how to add style points and flair, as well as how to take it in your own unique direction. Pre-reqs: recommended h2h to get everything, but not required.



How to Become Everyone's Favorite Acro Partner The best partners are those who are able to bring out the best in the people they work with. We'll learn to guide or partners to a place of healing and relaxation so they can perform at higher levels and feel better doing it. We'll also visit complimentary Thai bodywork techniques so smaller partners can return the favor! Pre-reqs: none


Handstand Canes

The New "Ground" Take your handstand practice to the next level with the implementation of canes. Scared of them? This class will make them feel safe and approachable. Already comfortable on them? This class will make them more fun and challenging so you can get the most out of your time upside down. Pre-reqs: some handstand experience

Forklift Flows

Explore the ins and outs of this versatile position with dynamic entrances, dancey exits, and more. Iron out wrinkles in your tempo and mechanics to take this skill to new heights and make it feel easy. Pre-reqs: Some standing acro experience, h2h recommended for peak skill


Pirouettes and Catwalks

Come learn to walk on air, or at least look like you can! We'll cover foot to hand walking patterns which are safe and elegant additions to any routine. Build stability and confidence as you introduce movement and transitions into your standing foot to hand practice.

Pre-reqs: steady standing f2h H2h

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Cult of Cradle

Beginner Skills Based


Come level-up your cradle game in this creative class that will show you how to get in, out and about in cradle.


Pre-reqs: Be able to hold your partner in a cradle


Creepy Counter Balances Open Choreography


Come creep into the world of acrobatic choreography as we use counterbalances to make a slow paced All Hallows Eve Delight.


Pre-reqs: Be willing to be patient and trusting with your partner as different bodies counterbalance in different ways


Fright and Flight Intermediate Choreography


Fearless flyers come find fleeting moments in the air as we work up to this flight filled piece.


Pre-reqs: Standing Bird, Standing Side Star, be comfortable throwing and catching your partner

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Flow for All - this is an all levels flow that will be accessible for begintermediate, not too easy but not too hard.

Flow Schmo - intermediate + flow with hand to hand option. This will be a fun combination of skills that will make you feel like a circus star!

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Toe pitch 180

Learn how to base/fly a beautiful, safe and floaty toe pitch to 180!

We will teach you all the progressions, drills, timing and how to spot this trick safely from the ground up!

Timing, confidence and spotting will be our focus in this class. Be ready to throw some dope shit working in groups of four!



*solid standing F2h practice

* 10 second standing F2H hold ( no steps)

* the ability to hold a tight shape while being thrown and caught

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AcroDance​ 1

details coming soon


AcroDance 2

details coming soon

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Intro to Inlocates
Mark and Nicole 

This class will take you through prep work, progressions and exercises to incorporate all the fine tuned body awareness you need to help you work towards and perfect your inlocate. 

Trick or Train Schedule and Tickets (1).


TIER 1 JULY 1ST-JULY 15th - $170


DUO SAVINGS- sign up with a friend and save!
$170 EACH paid in full ($170x2) please write in notes your BFF's name :)

TIER 2 JULY 15th-AUGUST 14th - $180


DAY OF - $200


Friday Night Only Pass - $60

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