Aaron Tremper "The Acrodude"

Co-founder & Owner

TheAcroDude has been traveling all over the US for the last four years, teaching all levels of the acro community how to be even more awesome in all the forms of the acrobatic practice. Always an athlete competing at the highest levels growing up, a national champion swimmer and ice hockey player amongst other sports,  he brings a martial arts background (Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu) and a "growth state mind" to the acro community with a very diverse and well balanced acro practice with a large focus on being able to "switch gears". Well trained and skilled in the Standing acro circus/sports acro side, TheAcroDude also specializes in L-basing acro in the form of static poses, counter-balances, washing machines, whips, and pops, with a very heavy emphasis still on the circus side of the whips and pops. TheAcroDude has also been training others in a very special side of the AcroYoga practice called Acropeutics. This is the healing side of AcroYoga, it is essentially having yoga done to you, using gravity to create length and space in the body, and he is available for private sessions and trainings, as well as regular classes. Acrobatic dance has become the largest focus of his practice, blending dynamic circus standing acro together in a flowing way that really lends itself to performances and made accessible to all levels. He is also a yoga instructor, slackliner, rock climber, stick mobility teacher, body worker, writer, performer, welder, maker, and coach. Helping people break their barriers on a daily basis, Theacrodude will help you strengthen your weaknesses and achieve a more balanced life.

Jessica DeLeo

Co-founder & Owner

Co-founder Jessica DeLeo has a B.A in Psychology with a double minor in Sociology and Women’s Studies. She is a 500 hour certified Yoga instructor as well as a certified Wholistic Health Coach. She was introduced to AcroYoga in 2012 and Standing Acrobatics in 2014. She has traveled the country learning from as many instructors as possible. She has been influenced by Dutch and Israeli style acrobats and is excited to share her knowledge as well as invite instructors from all over the world to The Movement Sanctuary. Jessi teaches handstands, yoga-ish, intermediate/advanced acro, and standing acrobatics here at our space. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions! She is excited to be part of such an incredible community and grateful to have the opportunity to inspire others.

Chris Kirchman

Instructor: Acro101, Therapeutics, Acrofitness

After several years of practicing yoga, Chris discovered his true passion in acroyoga and has been pursuing it inexhaustibly for the past two years now. With a particular interest in strength moves and have balances, his style focuses on technique and builds from the core out. Chris' degrees in Sports Medicine and Movement Sciences allow him to break down poses and transitions to their most basic elements so anyone can start to learn them. He loves the components of faith, communication, and support which are inseparable from a successful acro practice.

Mark Myers

Instructor: Standing Acrobatics

I have been an athlete my entire life. I grew up on military bases as my family was stationed first around the country and then around the world. I've been a soccer player, a wrestler, a swimmer, a distance runner, and a rock climber. In 2016, some friends asked me to check out acroyoga and I was immediately hooked. Finding success in partner acrobatics has been my passion since I started. I gravitated towards standing acrobatics but also enjoy acrodance flows. I am a teacher at the Movement Sanctuary in St. Petersburg, Florida, and typically train six days a week. I've recently picked up juggling and salsa dancing as personal development goals. I believe the process is always more important than the outcome, but if the process is good, the outcome is inevitable.

Photographer: Bryan Edward

Jason Fraley

Instructor: Intermediate Acro

Jason Lapiana


Juliette Lauer

Instructor: Flexibility

Juliette has always had a love for fitness, movement and flying. She grew up dancing, tumbling and flying as an allstar cheerleader and later began practicing yoga, acroyoga and partner acrobatics. She shares her talent through performing and teaching both locally and afar. She loves teaching because it allows her to motivate and inspire, helping people discover what they're capable of. She teaches beginner to advanced partner acrobatics, acroyoga and flexibility.

Laura Groves

Instructor: Intermediate Acro

Suzanne Curry

Instructor: Aerial Silks

Rachel "Kittie" Howard

Instructor: Aerial Silks


Killian Sabourin

Instructor: Aerial Silks

Michael Knapp

Instructor: Aerial Silks

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