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Kids Circus Arts Classes

Ages 8-12


The Movement Sanctuary is a one stop shop for Circus Arts!

We are excited to introduce children ages 8-12 to the joy of Acroyoga and Aerial Silks!

About AcroYoga

Creative collaboration, clear communication, and courageous confidence are just a few side effects that Acroyoga brings! Acroyoga, also knows as “Acro” will give your child the opportunity to learn just how strong they really are! We will teach them how to make all sorts of different shapes using two or more people. There are three roles they will learn about.

1. How to base- The base if the foundation of each shape. They will learn how to stack their bones to hold up others

2.How to fly- The flyer will learn how to stay tight and stay in alignment with their base to make shapes!

3. How to spot- spotting is a role we take seriously in our community, without spotters, we are unable to experiment while staying safe. Your child will learn how to react quickly and stay strong in their own body to support others and contribute to the community effort of Acroyoga!

About Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is a fun fabric apparatus that students can climb and wrap themselves in. Your child will learn to fly and dance creatively up in the air! Students will also increase strength and flexibility as they are taught  basic hangs, climbs, locks, inversions. Class time includes basic yoga warm-ups, conditioning games on the silks, instruction of skills and poses in the safety of an aerial nest.


Drop In Rate: $20

5 Class Pack: $90

10 Class Pack: $160


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