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  1. Please sign in at the front desk upon arrival

  2. No food or water bottles on the gym floor. Please keep these things along with personal items to the side or in our designated cubby areas. Above or Below designated SEATING AREA or PATIO is permitted. This is for safety reasons!!

  3. Please return equipment back where you found it. Help us keep our space clean and organized!


  5. Approval of ANY Aerial apparatus is required before use. Please be sure to get “checked off” for approval of the desired apparatus by our T.M.S. experienced staff members.   

  6. A MAT MUST be placed under ALL aerial equipment no matter what level you are

  7. Violence, Bullying, or Harassment of ANY kind will NOT be tolerated. Immediate expulsion from the Gym with revocation of membership will be implemented and a Trespass Citation from T.M.S. will be provided by the SPPD. We Reserve the Right To Refuse Service To Anyone.​

  8. CLOTHING​: tight fitting clothing with no jewelry and hair tied back.




  1. Opening training has been set in place for those who would like to continue their training outside of class time. Self-assessment is crucial for this! Before coming to the space, please have a spotter available and be aware of how to properly use the mats and safety equipment.

  2. Open Training may be limited during high volume class times, so please be aware of the schedule and know that classes take priority.

  3. If you would like to use the SPOTTING BELT, please call ahead to make these arrangements.

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