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Class Descriptions





Acro 101- A ground-up approach to Acroyoga. If you have never tried acro yoga before, have only done it a few times, don’t know what bird, star, side star, foot to hand or throne is, then this is the class for you. We will solidify your foundations and build on the fundamentals. acroyoga is a form of partner acrobatics where there is a designated base and flyer. In this class you will have the opportunity to learn both roles in a safe space as well as having a third roll, the spotter, to keep everyone safe. You can come with a partner or come by yourself, we all play together here anyways.


Begintermediate Acro- This class is great once you have formalized yourself with the foundational skills of acroyoga. Learn to base or fly new and original techniques as we progress from the poses and transitions into flows and beyond! Optional modifications will be provided. Again, this class is also appropriate for those who are familiar with the basics and are looking to build on their practice. No partner is required to take this class


All levels Acroyoga- This is an opportunity for acroyogis of all levels (beginners included, modifications will be provided for easier/harder skills as necessary) to come and refine their skills. We will be working on a changing variety of skills in a safe guided environment. Come play with a friend, or come by yourself and make some new ones!


All levels Standing Acrobatics- This class is dedicated to a variety of standing acrobatics (base is standing on their feet so the moves are higher up. We cover things such as entrances, exits, static holds, transitions, pops, dynamic, and dance for all levels, all abilities, come with a friend or come alone and play!


Begintermediate 'Washing Machines' - After you feel comfortable in the Acroyoga101 classes, take your skills to the next level with our 'Begintermediate' Washing Machines class!  A "washing machine" is a series of acroyoga poses that connect together to make a continual sequence.  We will start with the basics and work towards intermediate washing machines within the 90 minutes.  Feel free to stay and play after!


Intermediate/Advanced Acro- If you’ve been doing acro for a long time and are looking for new challenges, we love helping you overcome your obstacles and end the sticky points. Here we refine things to be able to do them easily and with flow. We train advanced skills by drilling their fundamental aspects until the whole move is safe, slow, and easy. If you have a practice that consists of whips and pops, foot to hand, doing/working on or towards hand to hand, then this is the class for you. A partner is not necessary, but it is highly recommended, especially if you want to be working on more advanced skills, it really helps to be calibrated with someone already.


Handstands- Handstands, handstands, handstands!! This one posture brings a wealth of knowledge! Come condition your muscles and stack your bones to improve all your other forms of movement arts! All levels are welcome! The more you learn the more you can do. Once the handstands are unlocked we have shapes, movement, one arms, presses, crocs, planches, russian planches, and so much more!!!!


Aerial Silks


Beginner/intermediate- If you are brand new to silks, or have some experience with this skill set  This class prepares students for all levels of Silks by teaching them how to climb the fabrics, create footlocks, drops and safely condition their new aerial muscles on & off the ground.


Intermediate Aerial Silks- This class is designed for students who have the foundational skills  and are looking to learn higher level techniques for aerial silks in a safe playful environment :)


Martial Arts


Capoeira- This Brazilian martial art and dance form will kick your butt into shape! no experience required, all levels are welcome!


Jiu Jitsu- Jiu Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport system that uses chokes and locks to render an opponent harmless. This system uses leverage and technique, creating or taking space to move your opponent, or move around him, using his/her mistakes to take the easy path to control of the situation. Essentially fast moving chess you play with your body, where you are physically punished when you make a mistake. This is for men and women, boys and girls, all ages, all levels, no partner needed. Come learn to be able to defend yourself!


Take care of yo self!


Flexibility- Increase your flexibility and bring your acro and aerial practices to the next level. Deep backbends, splits, straddles and open shoulders let you access new beautiful shapes both in the air and on the ground.

In this class we'll use active and static stretches, props and each other to open our range of motion. Anyone can become more flexible with some focus, dedication and a little knowledge.


Mobility- We ask our bodies to do so much!  Let's take the time for self-care. Come learn how to use the various equipment we have here at the space so you can improve your range and flexibility, as well as your strength in your new end range so we develop more control. This class is about opening and strengthening the body as a whole. No partner is used in this class.


Thai Body Work- is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. Let's break up those knots! Come slow down and learn how to take care of your muscles! No Partner? No problem!


Acropeutics- learn to both give and receive this unique body work technique. Acropeutics is the combination of acro-yoga and thai massage. There is a designated base (giver) and flyer (receiver) which both receive the benefits of this practice. Decompression is what we are after! We are flipping the table and using gravity as an assistant to allow the body to create space and lengthen the spine. We work really hard, let's take care of our bodies!

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