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TIER 3 March 11th-May 2nd
Friday Night Only Pass

Refunds: Tickets can be transferred. No returns


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1.Group Acrobatic Choreography  (Beg/Inter)

Learn out to easily create your own act with 2, 3 or more people.  Bring partner or come and form a group just for the class. Easily access movement that is effective and natural to you, find new transitions between elements, gain knowledge that will make people want to watch you and that will show off your skill sets that you work so hard on.  Get critique’s on improving existing acts from me as well and perform for the group!

Pre-reqs: Solid 2 high


2.Group Acrobatic Choreography (Inter/Adv)

Learn out to easily create you own act with 2, 3 or more people.  Bring partner or come and form a group just for the class. Easily access movement that is effective and natural to you, find new transitions between elements, gain knowledge that will make people want to watch you and that will show off your skill sets that you work so hard on. Get critique’s on improving existing acts from me as well and perform for the group!

Pre-reqs: Inlocate


3.H2H Dismounts (Inter/Adv)

There are so many way to come out of H2H and we will explore several great options in this class.  Penguin slide, prep for reverse dislocate, pike/tuck through to fish, and the AcroArmy original backwalkover down.

Pre-reqs: Solid standing H2H


4.Dranginball- Cannonball and drag ups (Adv)

Ever tried drag? How about cannonball?  How about mixing the two together? It’s all about fusion of these two mounting elements in this class.  If you have a hard time with either, it might surprise you how accessible it is to put them together.

Pre-reqs: Solid standing H2H


5.Sports Acro Trios (Inter/Adv)

We will focus mostly on Dynamic trio elements here. Assisted toe-pitches, swing to handstand, Rosmin for 3, and some nifty dismounts.  3 people makes everything lighter and easier...and higher!

Pre-reqs: Toe pitch experience in pairs, foot to hand, cradle catch experience

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1.Dynamic Skills (Inter/Advanced)

 Corbette & Cascade

Pre-reqs: Solid H2H & F2H

2. Circus Trios Beginner  

 intro to Banquine!!

Pre-reqs: willingness to work with two bases


3. Dismounts Inter/Advanced

Butt spring, H2H toss to butt down & corbutt, corbette to butt, are both dynamic dismounts to the butt!

Pre-reqs: H2H & F2H

4. Pirouette Advanced 

Progressions for h2h & f2h Pirouette will be broken down during this session with a proper road map to continue working these skills on your own time.  

Pre-reqs: H2H & F2H, Mono F2H

5. Head Stuff  All Levels

Introduction to basing on the head- standing on head, croc on head, handstand on head. Depending on participants we can go beyond the basics and start working more advanced positions and transitions. We will also touch upon introductory exercises and progressions to solo headbalancing- a challenging but rewarding practice!

Pre-reqs: Comfort in extended L-basing foot to hand. Healthy necks and sensitivity to partners.

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This class will introduce standing acrobatics flows and transitions. We’ll be teaching how to get smoothly into overhead standing lifts (high bird) while transitioning from ground-level standing acrobatic / dance elements in a sequence of 3-4 tricks. PREREQ: As long as you have body awareness and a desire to learn, no other requirements!


2. INTERMEDIATE ACRO DANCE: LET’S GET WEAVY! In this class we’ll teach a standing acrodance sequence including weaving elements and flag spins. These tricks are highly dynamic but accessible to most people with some acro experience. Sequence of 3-4 tricks and transitions to create a beautiful flow. PREREQ: Tough skin! Or at least a willingness to grit your teeth thru the learning process. Circus hurts a little, but we’ll teach you how to make bearable until it feels awesome. Comfortable doing basic beginning standing acrobatics. INTERMEDIATE


3. ACRO DANCE: OVERHEAD DOLPHIN FLOW In this class we’ll teach you how to comfortably get into Dolphin Pose, and hit it solidly every time. We’ll be adding dance elements into Dolphin, a graceful exit, paired with 2-3 other acrobatic tricks to create a high-level flow. PREREQ: Have comfortably done High Bird, High Back Fly, and/or High Side Star. ADVANCED


4. ACRO DANCE: LET’S GET SPINNY! Spinning can be used not only to look flashy in a performance, but also magically disguises transitions, and when done correctly, gives you momentum to make the impossible very possible. We’ll be teaching high-level spinning technique, and also a sequence that includes overhead spinning lifts that are guaranteed to wow every onlooker. PREREQ: High Bird, and don’t be afraid to get a little dizzy! (If you get dizzy really easily or hate spinning, this may not be the class for you.)

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Rock n' Roll

Let's Rock n' Roll! There's so much you can do starting with a little Rock! Aaron and Jess will show you several creative pathways you can take utilizing this entrance appropriate for intermediate/advanced practitioners.

CDA Teacher Announcements (3).png

1. Standing F2H variations

2. Yager... more to come!

CDA Teacher Announcements (8).png

Swingers and Threeways
One is fun, two is better, three or more is the best! We are going to swing and throw our friends in dynamic and creative trios and maybe bigger groups. 
Prerequisite - strong standing two high and comfort with standing hand to hand

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1. Icarian Games ; Pathway to Varial Flips –

Exploring Progressions towards a Varial Flip. Log Bed related twists & rotations

*Pre- Req * Throne 180 turns

2. Advanced Whips & Whops

Forward & Backwards Whips & Pops.

*Pre- Req * Tarzan Swing Bird Drops , Muff Dive

CDA Teacher Announcements (2).png

1. Do you even Needle? intermediate +
Needles, they can be sharp and dangerous! But when done correctly they can be quite useful, and some would say even fun to play with. Let us show you all the possibilities.

preregs: solid shoulder-stand

2. Flo-Schmo (Intermediate)
 We love the creative process, and putting together fun flows with unique transitions, using both L-base and standing disciplines. Let us show you how to flo.
(Comfortable with bird, side star, star, and reverse star. Also comfortable with basic standing poses like thigh stand, flag, and two high.)

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ADV L-basing

In this class we build towards the peak skill of handstand on feet. We’ll refine flyers’ jump in to handstand - on the floor, on a base, on anything! And we’ll get bases acquainted with balancing taller shapes on the feet. Good spotting will allow us to progress towards this fun but challenging skill.

Pre-reqs: 30 sec handstand hold belly-to-wall, jump into low h2h, some experience with foot-to-foot


INT mixed (L-basing and standing)

Get ready to get up and get down! This class will teach a fun dynamic sequence that includes some pops and whips as well as getting up to standing. You'll come away with progressions and pieces to practice that come together into a longer sequence!

Pre-reqs: Some experience with whips, some experience with pops and some experience with basic counterbalances.

CDA Teacher Announcements (13).png

1. Expression Through Acro 

This is an Open Level Class that focuses on the theatrical elements of acrobatics and Acroyoga. Participants will explore collaboration techniques that will enhance the process of combining skills together for a more meaningful, story oriented practice. Participants will be challenged to not only incorporate new learned skills but draw from their acrobatic knowledge to create a expressive flow unique to their practice. Class is limited to 16 people. No partner required.

Pre-reqs included, bird on shoulder, forward roll, Jeti Box and a willingness to play. 

2. Stacking Bodies- Standing Acro for beginners

In the class we will work on body stacking from the floor up, working on the foundations for two high as well as exploring a fun and accessible standing flow with moves you can not only incorporate into your acro practice but bring on the dance floor! 

CDA Teacher Announcements (10).png

1. Branco

Bust out a new entry to hand to hand with Bronco! This skill is one of the best ways to freshen up your favorite skill (hand to hand).  Timing is everything here. Learning the structure of timing between partnerships (new and old) is what will propel you into bigger and more exciting dynamic entries.  The beauty of Bronco is that it’s easy to take home because the spotter really only needs to understand how to spot hand to hand. Solid standing hand to hand is a must for this class (15 second hold with no steps).  

CDA Teacher Announcements (5).png

1. Three high - two high drills, climbs and spotting techniques to prepare for three high. Multiple two and a half high positions and transitions. Peak skill three high. Two high experience required. Pre-req hands free two high, base box walk with hands on.


2. Hand Balancing 
every series or workshop i teach on handstands gets a little better, especially for beginners, as i learn through experience which drills empower students to make the movements and shapes demanded in acrobatics. lots of drills on the hands, and even more off the hands, so students can strengthen their hands, shoulders and core to make a better handstand. prereqs none

CDA Teacher Announcements (1).png

Details Coming Soon!

CDA Teacher Announcements (11).png

1) Basic to Intermediate F2H:  Join Tracy and Jason and their combined 45 years of Cheer/F2H experience as they take you through l base f2h into
standing.  They will teach you different hand positions, how to stand in F2H, and various trips to take your F2H skills from beginner to advanced.

2) Entrances and Exits of F2H:  Let Tracy and Jason show you how to add various entrances and exits to/from F2H.  Learn tips to get ready to extend,
the best grips for you and your practice, and how to bring it safely to the
ground with style.

CDA Teacher Announcements (14).png

Lydia will be teaching two Thai Body Work Workshops!! You are NOT going to want to miss this! More details coming soon!

CDA Teacher Announcements (15).png

1. Fundamentals of l-base reverse h2h part 1

entries and exits, training and conditioning exercises. progressions and building blocks to work towards standing rh2h

2. Building on part 1

working from sitting to standing reverse hand to hand, fundamentals and progressions of standing rh2h and training and conditioning exercises. progressions toward relocate.

CDA Teacher Announcements (3).png

Icarian flow

We will combine skills such as throne to bed, castaway, 360 plank pops and an (optional) front tuck to create a fun, advanced flow with options to level up for those with a death wish In this class we will go over the technique of the individual skills, transitions and tempos, and finally putting everything together! 


Pre reqs: Comfort with icarian skills that involve front flipping and twisting. Pop from bird to reverse star or reverse h2h. Tempo throne and plank /bed pops. Some experience with the above skills will make the flow more accessible as we will be more focused on refining technique rather than teaching the skills from square one.

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