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Advanced: Session1

Back Walkover to Hand to Hand
If your hand to hand game is ready to move to the next level, get ready to be challenged by this unique and impressive entry into handstand. This class will serve to teach and refine the entry into hand to hand where the flyer back walkovers onto the bases chest, who then pulls the flyer up to sitting on chest and finishing by bumping the flyer into a handstand. This is one of the most beautiful methods of entry and is a great way to add a bit more difficulty and intrigue into your practice.
Prerequisites: Stable standing hand to hand from pop from shoulders for at least 15 seconds

Advanced: Session 2

Trio Swing
Trio swings are a favorite among professional circus performers for their “wow factor”. Swing is a dynamic and multifaceted skills that ranges from crowd pleasing releases to elegant flows and high flying throws. We will start from the basics and quickly progress, deconstructing some of the beautiful and inspiring swing skills you see at the professional level.
Prerequisites: Two high with little to no spot

Advanced: Session 4

Rock’ N’ Roll with Mono to Mono
 Lets jam out with everyone’s favorite skill, rock’ n’ roll to arm to arm! This advanced level class will develop and refine proper technique to make your rock' n’ roll feel flawless! We will also focus on teaching different variations in the arm to arm with the main focus being the mono to mono arm to arm.
Prerequisites: Two high with little to no spot and handstand on shoulders. Flyers must be able to hold a 30 second belly to wall handstand.


Intermediate /Advanced: Session 6

This fun and fast pace class teaches banquine basics that will allow groups to learn the proper technique and walk away with some amazing skills. Banquine is a two base one flyer skill where the bases lock hands, throwing the flyer in an endless array of dynamic tosses and assisted flips. This class will be a mixture of technique based instruction and an introduction to the types of skills that can be thrown from banquine. This will allow students to take home the knowledge to develop and refine incredible trio skills.
Prerequisites: Two high with little to no spot.

Advanced: Session 8

No Handed Neck to Neck

Are you ready to finally take the supports away from your neck to neck? We will be teaching the proper technique so that you can finally feel comfortable removing the arms as extra support in neck to neck. Learn how the proper base and flyer shape can effectively develop and maintain enough connection between each partner to allow
those arms to release and float away. Transitions in and out of neck to neck will also be broken down to build a stronger understanding of this skill.

Prerequisites: Two High with little to no spot. Neck to neck with arms that requires little to no spot. Flyers must be able to hold a strong 30 second belly to wall handstand.

Intermediate/Advanced: Session 1

Dance Flow

Come learn some nifty dance lifts and how to string them together to create a fun sequence!

Pre req: high bird

Intermediate: Session 2

Calf Pops

Need a new way to get into two high? Want to get to a high straddle hold (TT) in a fun efficient way? Come check out how to perfect the calf pop! 

Pre reqs: Solid Two High

Advanced: Session 3

Pushing to Extension 

Want to take your standing acro game to the next level...literally? Come learn some technical tips to help take your practice to extension. 

Pre reqs: solid standing h2h

Beginner: Session 5

Intro to Sports Acro

 This class while some of the skills will end up being advanced will offer options for everyone! We will focus on hand to hand grip, two to two, two to one, straddle holds, and offer some really great inlocate drills to perfect that pesky inlocate you’ve been working towards!

Advanced Session 7

Entrances to Standing Reverse h2h

Ever wonder how to get into a standing reverse h2h? Come find out! This workshop will explore various, fun ways to get you there!

Pre req: L base reverse h2h    


Beginner: Session 1

Icarian basics

Icarian pops are ones in which the base and flyer fully disconnect. Learn how to fly high and free, yet land as if on a pillow. 

Pre-reqs: 2+ Months of Popping experience OR 3+ Popping classes

Intermediate: Session 2

Dynamic lifts 

Dynamic entrances and exits to poses like high Side Star, Back Bird, Couch and more!

Pre-reqs: Standing Bird, Camel, Two High


Intermediate/Advanced: Session 4

 Popping Machines

Make your washing machines bounce! Learn to use pops for some of your favorite machines and transitions, then put it all together for some in-tempo popping fun!

Pre-reqs: 4+ Months of Popping experience OR 6+ Popping classes


Beginner: Session 6

Dance lifts

Bases and flyers learn good form and appropriate body shapes/positions for dance lifts. Discover how to use momentum to make dance lifts look smooth and feel light.

Pre-reqs:Strong muscles, healthy joints, willing to spot, work as a team and communicate kindly.

Begintermediate Session 3



Intermediate/Advanced Session 6

Single point balance


Advanced: Session 5

Flyer rotation

Advanced: Session 7

Building standing flows

Beginner session 1

So You're New to Acro?
Welcome to acro yoga! Learn skills to create your practice, to make new friends, build stronger life skills and have an amazing time. 

A strong desire to have fun, play and meet new people.


Intermediate session 6

Unicorn Slaying - Refining Your Handstand Practice

Straighten your handstand practice and refine your movements. 


Headstand in the middle of the room, 

30 second handstand at the wall

Intermediate/Advanced session 5

Hand to Hand Entrances and Exits
Learn new fun and exciting ways to enter into and out of hand to hand. 

30 second L-base H2H

Intermediate session 7

Ménage A Pop

Popping with one friend is good...

Popping with two friends is better...

Get your naughtiest popping on with us as you learn the Kama Sutra of Icarian work

L-base F2H

Pop and catch front bird and throne

Session 2 Beginner 

Intro to Cheer Stunts 

Advanced: Session 3


Whip and pop calibrations and drills leading the way into the combination of the two from different directions, as well as how to add rotation and connect skills!

Pre-reqs: successful experience with both whips and Icarian pops


Beginner Session 1

Learn to flow with The AcroSmiths 

Creativity is all about knowing how to use the basics and make them cool. We will show how to turn easy poses into something that will make your friends go “WHAAAAT”
Prereqs: Willingness to have fun.

Beginner Session 5

Punk Rock Thai

No fluffy language, just some badass relaxation. Finish your day with the best mosh pit you have ever seen!
Prereqs: A mohawk! Just kidding, a smile will work too.

Intermediate: Session 6

Russian Roll

Come roll with us! This move is a mainstay in our foot to hand training. We have found it to be a crowd pleaser as a performance piece as well. Learn how to break down the movement into manageable chunks, build a strong foot to hand connection, and you will get much more than the russian roll out of our class.

Pre-reqs: 1-min low and extended (long arm) F2H 

Intermediate: Session 8

It is time to let one fly! Turns are among the most beautiful elements of dance. As acrobatic moves they can be magically graceful while demanding a superb foot to hand connection and sounds mechanics on the part of base and flier. This is why we love pirouettes. They are pretty and they make us better.

Pre-reqs: 1-min low and extended (long arm) F2H 

Begintermediate Session 3

Expression Through Acro 

This is an Open Level Class that focuses on the theatrical elements of acrobatics and Acroyoga. Participants will explore collaboration techniques that will enhance the process of combining skills together for a more meaningful, story oriented practice. Participants will be challenged to not only incorporate new learned skills but draw from their acrobatic knowledge to create a expressive flow unique to their practice. Class is limited to 16 people. No partner required.

Pre-reqs included, bird on shoulder, forward roll, Jeti Box and a willingness to play. 

Beginner Session 7

Stacking Bodies- Standing Acro for beginners

In the class we will work on body stacking from the floor up, working on the foundations for two high as well as exploring a fun and accessible standing flow with moves you can not only incorporate into your acro practice but bring on the dance floor! 

Beginnermediate Session 5

Putting the Dance in Acro Dance
Footwork and transitions to link your acrobatic lifts into a smooth routine, plus swing dance basics that you can actually use on the dance floor, and a few swing aerials that wow the crowd. This class is designed to help you take your all your Acro training to the dance floor!


- 6 and 8 count swing dance footwork
- an understanding of lead and follow technique so that you can learn new patterns or create your own
- musicality and styling basics so that you can vary one pattern to different types of music, (such as jazz vs pop).
This is a basic dance class designed to teach acrobats with little dance experience how to take their moves to the dance floor or stage with dance transitions and polish.

pre-reqs: No dance experience needed!
This class is listed as beginnermediate, and we are focusing on dance basics for people who have Acro experience but little (or no) partner dance experience. Acro-wise (for the aerials we’re showing) high bird, or side star, or being able to jump to sitting on shoulders will help.

Beginnermediate session 4

fundamentals of l-base reverse h2h part 1

entries and exits, training and conditioning exercises. progressions and building blocks to work towards standing rh2h


Intermediate: Session 8

Building on part 1 

working from sitting to standing reverse hand to hand, fundamentals and progressions of standing rh2h and training and conditioning exercises. progressions toward relocate.


Beginner: Session 4


This class will focus on the originality and creativity of acro. Tools and drills will be shared to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving so your practice will never grow stagnant. Learn some original poses and flows, as we walk you through a process which will inspire and equip you to create your own.

Intermediate Session 7 

Acro Insta Poses

You know that folder you keep on Instagram called “photo shoot”? Juliette and Joseph know a thing or two about that.. Need proof? Check them out on Insta @juliettelauer and @acrotrainer, and be sure to hit follow ;) Ever get into a pose and then think “I nailed the skill, but what to do with my face/hands/legs!”? They’ll teach you the skills first, and then we’ll teach you what to do to make your audience (be it a camera or a live audience) feel all the feels. Of course there will be a photo shoot at the end, and you can practice shooting your own photos. BUT** for a small fee you’ll have the opportunity to have the amazing Bryan Edward (@bryanedwardbokeh) take photos and edit them professionally (three edited photos $20)!  Choose your favorite three poses from class and be ready to show off to the lense- time is of the essence!

Pre-reqs: Comfotable with basic standing acrobatics (high side star, camel, and F2H)

Beginner: Session 3

Beginner Icarian

Learn how to take pops to a new level! Icarian pops are those in which there are no points of contact at some point during the pop. The base throws the flyer into the air and softly catches the flyer upon landing. We will be covering pops that can be used to start an Icarian practice and progressions to work up to those skills.

Prereqs: Basic acro experience is recommended.

Begintermediate Session 2

Uno Dos POP : Foundational Pop

Flow We will explore the dynamic side of acro with an L-Base pop sequence.

Pre Reqs: comfortable in bird, throne , F2H +some washing machine experience

Intermediate Session 4

Cheer Stunts

Beginner Session 8

Thai for More Than Two

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have two people giving you a massage at once? Well, come find out! Join Lydia on Sunday for a perfect way to end your weekend at Cinco de Acro. Learn fun new ways to work out all your base and flyer kinks and have fun sharing giving with someone else! This is a perfect way to make friends quick and feel awesome.

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